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Tae Kwon Do testing

My TKD test tonight was, I think, the hardest thing I've done evvver. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Not that that's exaggeration since I am just recovering now :-p I am a double black stripe now, which is just a lick away (albeit a very big significant one) from a black belt.

It was...ridiculous, the entire time I've been home Tory and I have been talking about testing, he gave me an application a couple weeks ago. And then yesterday we were reviewing and he drops this bomb: "By the way, I don't know if I told you but you're not testing tomorrow." And so I say "Okay" and then go home and think of better reactions than that. That's my standard way of dealing with things, btw. But I came tonight itching for a fight, I was going to whack him upside the head and tell him no, I certainly am testing.

It actually isn't Tory's fault, there's politics and drama behind it all and he has people to answer to. But it was so good, I was talking to Tory about this, and he really doesn't have the executive power to make these calls on his own. But Master Condon, wonderful man, intervened on my behalf as well. And it sounded like Mr. Rush, who is making these executive decisions, was indifferent enough to let me do what I wanted. But that was...wonderful, I get more support there than I even know and I was so grateful that they'd go to bat for me.

The test itself, awful :-p I was sweaty and shaky and consequently off-balance for kicks. Self-defense was the newest and consequently weakest material for me, and so I reviewed it a lot, but I never realized that doing it at testing is a totally different experience than going through the motions in class. My patterns did go well, I love patterns and Master Condon :-p During sparring I wanted to die, and couldn't catch my breath, but we got to finish off breaking boards and that's fun too.

I do need a lot of work before my black belt test, and everyone knew it and I was bracing myself to hear that I'd failed, actually. But I didn't, I got my double black stripes and I will continue to work so hard for them, to make up for my weak spots tonight. It ended up being a good test. Certainly a memorable one. My classmates were rad too, I guess I should mention them :-p But  I am so loved there, and so happy there. Definitely a good night